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Friday, 6 September 2013

The West Indian Day Parade 2013

The West Indian Day Parade 2013
Glitter, jerk chicken and dancehall music took over Brooklyn on Monday – Labor Day -   during the West Indian American Day Carnival, better known as the West Indian Day Parade.  People flocked from all over the world to view the elaborate costumes, eat authentic Caribbean food, and celebrate West Indian heritage.  Eastern Parkway, a street in New York City’s Crown Heights Brooklyn neighborhood,  was packed with dancers,  fancy floats and of course, the police –  a plethora of police officers to be exact, who in the past have had a strong presence at the parade because of high reports of violent activity. SaharaTV captured footage of the event. Stayed tuned for the clip coming up soon. In the meantime check out these vibrant photos!
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