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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Boko Haram: $1 Billion To Be Borrowed By Idiots Who Stole $20 Billion

Prof. Pius Adesanmi

Professor Pius Adesanmi of the Department of English Language and Literature and the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University recently updated his Facebook status in reaction to President Jonathan’s request to borrow One billion dollars to fight insurgency in the country. His comment:
I just heard with one ear that Nigeria’s “head for ground yansh for up” President wants to borrow USD 1 billion to fight Boko Haram and has already written the National Assembly for approval of the planned feast. One billion dollars to be borrowed by arguably Africa’s most irresponsible state whose track record of external loans in its entire postcolonial life leads to Swiss vaults.
One billion dollars to be borrowed by idiots who stole twenty billion dollars internally and have been making such a thorough mess of denying or covering it up: admitting it today, half admitting it tomorrow; denying it today, half denying it tomorrow. One billion dollars – that’s a lot of new milliobillionaires to be manufactured in the political class and among those potbellied pepper soup Generals in the Nigerian Army once the said loan facility is approved by the lenders.
One billion dollars to be made on top of the corpses of thousands of Nigerians deleted by Boko Haram. If these fools are serious about looking for money to fight Boko Haram, I know where they can find one billion dollars.
In November 2013, the Swiss revealed that they had uncharacteristically released USD 700 million of Abacha loot to the Nigerian Government. I remember regretting at the time that the Swiss released that sort of money to the corrupt buccaneers ruling Nigeria instead of putting it in some kind of internationally-supervised trust fund for the Nigerian people.
Then, recently, Liechtenstein returned USD 227 million of Abacha loot to the same ethical Lilliputians in Aso Rock. The Americans also unwisely promised to return USD 458 million of Abacha loot to the same characters. The funds from Switzerland and Liechtenstein are already in; the balance from America will be in soon.
One billion dollars never reach from all these Abacha cowries that are being deported to Nigeria from all over the world? President Jonathan, go and use the recovered Abacha loot to fight Boko Haram. Do not borrow and loot another one billion dollars in our name. We don’t want the next President of Nigeria to spend his/her first four years in office running from Europe to America to seek the return of the Jonathan loot. Shior!

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