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Thursday, 10 July 2014




“Whom the gods would destroy, They must first make mad with power” – Charles Beard

To the utter chagrin of All Progressives Congress and her governorship candidate, who is also the Governor of Ekiti State,Dr Ayodele Fayose won a landslide victory over the incumbent and his former political ally Dr Kayode Fayemi. But , apart from the fact that, Dr Ayo Fayose had antecedents to defeat an incumbent Governor, as he did to Otunba Niyi Adebayo in 2003 governorship election. Dr Ayodele Fayose is also close to the people at grassroots, more than the incumbent Governor. Although Dr Kayode Fayemi, is a Ph. D holder, but Fayose is an excellent orator and a political strategist farther than the Governor. Fayose is also popular like the Governor, and more generous than the Governor.

And as a matter of fact, before the election, Governor Fayemi has lost contacts with the citizens of the state, particularly those in grassroots .And he has erected a bridge of animosities between himself and the students, particularly those in higher institution of learning, through his arbitrary and outrageous increment of tuition fees ,and his proscription of students union activities in the state university ,which ranged to more than two academic session. The Governor, a progressive to the core and a revolutionary, but administered like a river that forgotten his source, and through his policies he turned himself into a reactionary and a retrogressive. And many electorates were forced to choose Fayose as an alternative.

As the election was announced, in favor of Dr Ayo Fayose, PDP was jeering, laughing, rejoicing, and celebrating that the winning of Ekiti state, is a gate way to win back the south west. How naïve the leadership of the party is. PDP thought, they have woken up, but honestly the Party is still in deep sleep, and even snoring, I can hear it loudly. Honestly, the election that was in favor of the Party, have exposed the Party Achilles to APC.

The victory of PDP in Ekiti State,is more advantageous to the All Progressives Party than PDP ,the victory has exposed PDP permutations ahead of 2O15 to APC ,it will make the APC more focus, plan and vigilant ahead of 2015 elections.

The victory have revealed to APC, where her House is leaking and how to mend it, to know where there are loopholes and how to block them. PDP is ignorant by thinking that, the Ekiti election will dampen the Spirit of APC, but instead it will make the spirit of APC stronger. The PDP Pyrrhic victory has taught APC their mistakes, before the election and how to remedy them.

The PDP, because of their so called victory in Ekiti state now believing that, the same thing would repeat itself in Osun state, on Aug 9 governorship election. But alas! For PDP to think of such, is not only an illusion, or living in a fool paradise, but the Party to think of defeating Aregbesola in Osun, is an act of chasing a shadow, the Party is like fire extinguisher planning or working to extinguish the light of a moon, or the heat of sun.

May I wake up PDP up, from their slumber that Aregbesola is too far ahead of Omisore in Osun State, Aregbesola is like two men against one man in Osun State, Aregbesola has both the attributes of Fayose and Fayemi in the state of Osun. Aregbesola,,although an easy going and coolheaded , a progressive to the core and a radical cum revolutionary minded person. Aregbesola is also a grass root man, lover of the downtrodden, and a great philanthropist.

And in the coming gubernatorial electoral contest, Aregbesola is facing a man, which lacks a charismatic strength and vigor, a man that is suffering from political inadequate of good reputations and antecedents. Meanwhile in Ekiti State, Fayose has been a Governor and performed a bit, but Omisore as a former Deputy governor, if we are to ask ourselves, what he did in office, it’s not far fetch to know that, his greatest achievement was to publicly insulted Chief Bola Ige ,who was a former Governor and an Attorney General as at the time, another significant achievement of Omisore was ,when he incited impeachment against his Boss Chief Adebisi Ak ande.

Then as a Senator, his achievement was to publish an open full page letter in the national dallies ,by insulting the Honorable Judges who presided over the appeal governorship petition between Aregbesola and Oyinlola, in fact as a Senator that represented his senatorial district for eight year at Senate, he could not boast of ant tangible achievement.

The electorate in the State of Osun, are more wiser, and they will legitimately prevent anyone who wants to take them back, to the land of pain and agonies Aregbesola had rescued them from. No one should expect the Citizens of Osun to fold their arms and watching, If PDP arrests their leaders, as they did in Ekiti State, a day before the election. PDP should not forget that ‘’ those who makes peaceful changes impossible makes violent changes inevitable”.

“The greatest fault is to be conscious of none”-Thomas Carlyle

PDP audacity and bragged to win all the Southwest back, and have easy ride to win the 2015 presidential election, because of her victory in the just concluded governorship election in Ekiti state, is nothing but a bunkum and childish talks. In fact, is comically nonsensical and ludicrous. Does PDP think Ekiti electorate voted for her? May I tell the party, that Ekiti electorate, were not allowed to vote, out of 700 registered voters, only three hundred plus, voted. And the majority of them voted for Fayose and not PDP.

There are no fools ,in the southwest among the electorates, particular those from Yoruba origin, except the disciples of Akintola(demo) who believes in plundering, looting, megalomania ,imposition, sit-tightness and amala politics. Southwest, will continues to reject PDP, be cause the worst government in Nigeria, being military or civilian Is the government of PDP ,particularly the present government of led by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

‘’ It is substantially true that
Virtue or morality is a necessary
Spring of popular government…….. Winston Churchill

It’s obvious; to see and know that Jonathan led PDP federal government has virtually lost virtue and morality. What is it, that good in the Party? What are the good things? That will urges the electorate to vote for PDP, is it the incompetence of the President Jonathan to tackle the problems of insecurity of lives and prosperity arisen from the menace of heartless sect, knows as Boko Haram, despite that in the last 3years, over 4trillion has been invested on security, and in the last four months 130 billion naira, has also been spent, yet the menace continues unabated.

‘’The care of human life and happiness and not their
Destruction is the first and only legitimate object of
Good government’’—Thomas Jefferson

Boko Haram attacks, in the last three years, have created more than ten thousands widow, destroyed more than five hundred churches, burnt more than eight hundred class room, abducted more than 200 girls who are teenagers, destroyed more than 209 schools in Yobe, and 300 in Borno state. In fact ,on May 2014,Boko Haram killed 300 people in Gamboru Ngala Borno state, abducted another 11 girls in Warabe and Wala communities ,burnt up to 200 vehicles and over one thousand houses and shops, were also set ablaze

To be frank, when we are talking of corruption, there is no party under the sun, that is more corrupt than the PDP James Ibori ,is now a prisoner in London, the PDP former Governor was jailed for money laundering, Diepreye Alamaieyseigha ,went to prison on corrupt charges, and under President Jonathan, the worst had happen. In fact, to Jonathan corruption is like a pamper beast, under his government , a minister bought two official cars with 225 million naira, and another minister chartered jet with 10 billion naira and for the first time, huge amount of money as in 20 billion dollars got missing. So what is it that good in PDP, which Nigerians will give their votes for, comes 2015? As at 6th of June 2014, the Central Bank of Nigeria revealed that 80% of Nigerian youths are unemployed, so what is it that good in PDP, Peoples Democratic Party, the party that is bereft of virtue and morality, the party that believes only in power and not the people.

“Fret not thyself because of evil doers.
Neither be thou envious against the workers
Of iniquity for they shall soon be cut
Down like grass, and wither as green herbs …..psalm 37V1-2

Aregbesola, should not lose sleep over the antics and evil machinations of PDP and her Candidate, the quoted biblical injunction is a revelation of what is going to happen to the party, after August on 2014. Let them marks my saying, it’s not my words, but the words of God, Omisore ,to Aregbesola, is a case of towering giants that disdains a beaten path.

Little minds are subdued by misfortunes,
Great minds rise above them……..Washington Irvin

And to all the APC Leaders, the National Chairman , The National Leaders , the APC Governors and Asiwaju Tinubu in particulars, who has been a threat and a phobia of PDP over the years, should not be confused and trembled over what happened in Ekiti State. It’s not but just an eye opener; no good road will continues to be smoothening with easy ride. Such road leads, but to a destination of perdition and utter regrets.

Sail on o ship of state
Sail on o union, strong
Its entire great. Humanity with
All its fears, with all the
Hopes of future years is
Hanging breathless on
Thy fate – Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

To all progressive congress, party executive and members, please don’t let down your guard. If they believe in political power, then APC must draw people to her side, and to let PDP realize that sovereignty belongs to the people the people by August 10 and 2015 in particular, as God lives PDP will see the evil of their pyrrhic victory.


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