Thursday, 1 August 2013

Heartburn: An Early Warning Sign of These 4 Cancers

WARNING: Whether you suffer from frequent or merely occasional bouts of heartburn, you could be at increased risk for four specific types of potentially deadly cancers. 

That’s because heartburn, affecting an estimated 25 million Americans daily, has a dark side very few people know about.

Contrary to popular belief, heartburn should not be considered an isolated symptom, and certainly not a normal part of aging. Rather, heartburn may indicate that something very serious — even potentially life-threatening — could be developing in your gastrointestinal or GI tract.

In fact, heartburn may foretell one of the most aggressive cancers known, one that takes over 15,000 lives yearly and jumps radically in frequency in those over the age of 50.

And yet another type of cancer that displays heartburn as a major symptom is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

As you can see, when it comes to digestive ills such as heartburn, the stakes are high. So Newsmax Health recently created a video, Heartburn: An Early Sign of These 4 Cancers. This special presentation details four separate, aggressive cancers with heartburn as a major symptom.

In the video, you’ll discover how too much stomach acid does not cause heartburn, and why common prescription and over-the-counter drugs may actually make heartburn worse rather than better.

Plus, you’ll receive must-know information, advice, and simple strategies from leading medical experts to help prevent or even reverse this potentially dangerous condition. Not only can you rid yourself of that burning pain in your chest, but you can also improve your health in general, and of course, lower your risk for these four deadly types of cancer.

Editor’s Note: For a limited time, Newsmax Health is making the video presentationHeartburn: An Early Sign of These 4 Cancers available at no charge. Click here to discover the truth about the dangers of heartburn.


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